Multiple award-winning product and communication designer with over 24 years of cross-disciplinary design experience.

Product Design

Knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials, the big and small details that make a product something substantial and magic. A characteristic is a distinctive color and material competence with a special passion for fabrics and textiles.
Technological developments and new production techniques as well as trying out and experimenting with prototyping.
Efficiency in manufacturing processes and the use of materials and sustainable design.
Focus: Products with innovative strength, well thought out, economical and consistently creative.
In the context of the socio-cultural, ecological development of our society.

Communication Design

To make the invisible visible. Transformation of information into graphics. Typographic design with all its peculiarities and sensitivity. Signage or graphics in the room. Design of word and figurative marks. A soft spot for structures and patterns and the power of colors.
Interior Design
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